Montessori School in East Toronto

Yoga Program


Bring FUN, enriching weekly Yoga & mindfulness classes into your children’s educational setting.

This program uses the alphabet to teach 26 yoga poses. Through games, art, songs, music and storytelling each class is unique while establishing routines. Yoga can improve self regulation, social emotional learning, body awareness and introduce breathing and relaxation techniques all while having lots of smiles
along the way.


Fay SicinskiFay Sicinski

Fay has practiced yoga for over twenty years. She discovered Hatha yoga in her mid twenties when working in residential homes for the elderly. She now practices Hatha and Kundalini yoga. Fay recognized the grounding benefits of mindfulness when helping her own children cope with stressors in their lives.The emotional, mental and physical awareness that a yoga practice teaches as improved all aspects of her life.

Fay has worked with children for many years. Working in a school setting for children with cerebral palsy and care homes for children with Autism. For fourteen years she has run a home day-care while raising her own sons. It is through this broad experience that she recognized the importance of emotional literacy, self regulation and understanding perspective. Fay believes these skills build resilience and improve relationships.

Fay grew up near the peak district in Northern England surrounded by countryside, her love of nature has always brought her joy. She has traveled to the Himalayas, rain forests and Africa to experience different landscapes it is in Kenya she met her Canadian husband and came to live in Toronto. Her love of the Canadian outdoors continues to grow, recently taking up kayaking and skiing.

Fay enjoys being a mom, watching her two boys grow has been a privilege and continues to inspire her. She has a BA in fine art and continues to paint in a home studio. she hopes to share her love of nature, art and yoga with others and have lots of fun along the way.

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