Toddler Curriculum

Montessori School in East Toronto

Toddler Curriculum

The purpose of our program is to bring out the best in each child and to help each child reach their true potential. With the guidance of our qualified and competent teachers and with our teacher to student ratio (1:5), the children are able to self-regulate and develop the foundation of a strong personality in a safe, caring and nurturing environment.

The Toddler Environment

  • Areas include gross motor development; fine motor development, language skills and sensory/perceptual development.
  • Our activities are designed to develop hand-eye coordination and independence.

Social and Emotional Developmental Goals

  • To help the child play independently with a larger group of children, and also to share and take turns.
  • To help the child follow the “Play safe” and safety rules.
  • To help the child develop an interest in our activities.

Language Goals

  • Learning to sit on the line.
  • Introduction to phonics, the calendar, numbers, shapes and colours.
  • Encourage the child to use proper manners.
  • Singing simple and silly songs.
  • Teach the child to ask for assistance by using words.
  • Frequently exposing the child to books, nursery rhymes, and storytelling to encourage early literacy.
  • Encouraging the child to express themselves creatively by using arts and craft materials, dancing and using musical instruments.

Self Help Goals

  • Washing hands (with assistance from the teacher).
  • Tucking in a chair.
  • Tidying up after a meal or a snack (older group).
  • Eating with a spoon.
  • Putting on and taking off their jackets and shoes (older group).
  • Tidying up the toys after playtime (with assistance from the teacher).
  • Potty training (the child will be encouraged and reminded when ready)

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Toddler Program